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Monday 29 August 2011

Robin rang the opening bell at the Nasdaq Stock Market

Last Friday Robin rang the opening bell at the Nasdaq Stock Market. This was one of the best true New York experiences, Robin said. US Open starts this week and Robin plays Sorensen, IRL, in the first round. Located in the…

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Monday 18 July 2011

Robin’s Charity Initiatives

Last week in Bastad, during SkiStar Swedish Open, Robin launched three different charity initiatives. He launched his foundation – Robin Söderlings Stiftelse, became an ambassador for the Non-Violence Project, and also he announced a new talent award. To read more…

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Tuesday 12 July 2011

Robin S

Don’t forget to check out the website for my foundation. Robin Söderlings Stiftelse We want to help sick children and children in need all over the world by giving them happy moments that will turn into happy memories.   a…

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Thursday 30 June 2011

Sunset Tennis

On Wednesday July 13, Robin will play his first match in SkiStar Swedish Open in Bastad. The match is scheduled to start 9 pm and is a part of the popular Sunset Tennis event. The rise of the Tea Party and Occupy…

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Monday 30 May 2011

King Cover Story

Robin made a cover story and a photo shoot for a famous magazine – King.  The magazine is currently available at press stands across Sweden. School Jeans Trends for Kids and Teens video porno gratis IAMA sales associate at Macy’s and a…

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Sunday 22 May 2011

Fair Play Trophy

During Powerhorse World Team Cup in Düsseldorf Robin and Philipp Kohlschreiber received the award “Fair Play Trophy”. Robin was chosen because of his fairness on and beside the court, and because of his closeness to his fans.  The award is elected by each team captain…

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Robin S

Robin S

(Scroll down for English version)

Efter två framgångsrika år ihop står det idag klart att Robin Söderling och hans tränare Magnus Norman inte kommer att fortsätta samarbetet under nästa år.

Magnus vill lägga mer fokus på sitt privatliv samt på nya projekt, och kan därför inte ge Robin den tid han behöver.


-“Jag har haft mina tvÃ¥ hittills bästa Ã¥r i karriären med Magnus som tränare, och är väldigt tacksam för det engagemang som han har visat under den här tiden.” Säger Robin. “Det hade varit bÃ¥de roligt och spännande med en fortsättning, men jag har nu kommit till en punkt i min karriär där jag behöver en tränare som kan lägga ner den tid som krävs, samt fokusera 100% pÃ¥ min tennis. Därför känns det här ändÃ¥ som ett riktigt beslut för oss bÃ¥da och vi skiljs självklart Ã¥t som vänner“.


- “Jag ser tillbaka pÃ¥ en 26 mÃ¥naders rolig och fantastisk tid tillsammans med Robin. ” Säger Magnus. “Jag vill tacka Robin för förtroendet att ta hand om hans karriär, ett ansvar som jag har försökt förvalta pÃ¥ bästa sätt.”

Om några dagar kommer vi här på hemsidan att meddela vilken tränare Robin kommer att inleda 2011 års säsong med.


Robin Söderling and Magnus Norman Will Not Continue Working Together in 2011

After two successful years together, Robin Söderling and his coach Magnus Norman are not to continue their partnership in 2011.

Magnus wants to put more focus on his personal life and new projects, and can therefore not provide Robin with the amount of time that he requires.


-“I have had the two best years of my career so far with Magnus as a coach, and I am very thankful for the commitment that he has shown during this period of time.” Said Robin. “It would have been fun and exciting to continue, but I have reached a point in my career where I need a coach who can put in the time necessary, and focus 100% on my tennis. Which is why I still feel as if this is the right decision for us both, and we part as good friends.”


- “ I look back on a fun and fantastic 26 month long period of time together with Robin.” Said Magnus. “I want to thank Robin for the faith he has had in me to take care of his career, a responsibility I have tried to manage in the best way possible.”

In a few days we will announce the coach that Robin is to start his 2011 season with.

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14 Responses to “Robin S”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Although many people talked about it ,it is still a sensational news for us….

    Good luck to both of your guys..

  2. Patrik says:

    Ett gott samarbete som lett till stora framgångar. Lycka till fortsättningsvis.
    Vi får hoppas att det fortsätter uppåt ändå.

  3. Chad in Japan says:


    I wish both of you luck. Couldn’t of found a better pair, at the time.

    Magnus: you did a great job in turning a very talented (hot-headed, at times) journeyman into a more composed, future champion. Hats off to you, sir.

    I hope Robin keeps working on the mental aspects through yoga/saunas (I once read). I surmise that is what helped him the most.

    Whomever the new coach(es) may be—I hope they challenge/mix-up Robin’s game and fill-in those those last remaining gaps in order to make him a Slam champion.

    Good luck to all of you…and thanks…you brought a lot of excitment to my home.

  4. Chad in Japan says:

    Regime change & Racquet talk:

    Jack Purcell: borrowed and destroyed, thanks Dad.
    T1000: thanks Mom. It’s aluminum!
    Donnay: my first.
    Head Intelligence: my best ax up to 38 y.o.
    Babolat Z-Lite (YES, chick ax): cleaned-up my backhand–can’t handle power, tho.
    Head YouTek Mid-Plus: the most impossible ax to work with…the sweet spot is so small. It’s a “driver”.

    So, my point is: increase the head and lower the tension. Head will set you up for 3D.


  5. […] een verklaring op z’n website meldt de nummer vijf van de wereld dat Norman meer tijd wil besteden aan zijn […]

  6. Aliny Calejon says:

    That’s a pity but if it’s the best, good luck to both of you.
    I loved Magnus’ work with Robin, was perfect! And I hope that this work will keep in this way with Robin’s new coach, come on SöderKING! :)

  7. Chad in Japan says:

    I thought Robin played a perfect first set in that match with Federer.
    Aside from normal, human errors, Robin couldn’t do much more–he played “Soderling” tennis to the hilt. Perfect.

    BTW: I would’ve waited for that last shot to go long, too–I think most would agree.

    2nd set: that’s a different story–a long one (mostly how Robin reverted to his old ways). Watchin Serena might be good medicine for that one.

    Now that Robin has mastered his own game (I think) it’s time to imitate. morph and make better–other styles into his game.

    Magnus was the Atlas rocket–credit to him. Two more stages.

  8. Ryan says:

    Hey Robin!

    Yes I`m very sad to see you`ve split with Magnus, it`s a real surprise. But, I`m confident that your new coach Claudio Pistolesi will bring some new ideas for your game. Good Luck Soderking!

  9. Ryan says:

    Nice comments @chad, I enjoy reading them :-)

    Let`s hope for a good 2011 for Soderling!!

  10. […] 2, joined forces with the top-ranked Swede when he was ranked No. 35 in the world. A statement on Soderling’s official website stated that Norman wished to focus more on his personal life and other projects. “I’ve had […]

  11. Chad in Japan says:

    Back at ya, Ryan! I enjoy your comments as well. Mine don’t/won’t always make sense, but it’s fun to post about all things tennis here. Yahoo! Tennis gets too polarized and negative.

    Who is Claudio Pistolesi? We’re the same age (almost the same b-day)–that’s all I know about him. I’m confident Team Robin made the right decision. Good luck with Claudio!

    When I was kid, I didn’t like any tennis/golf/American football players. Robin is the first sportsman I’ve become a fan of. We have a lot of physical/mental similarities–so it’s fun to watch Robin progress where I couldn’t. I hope to take something to teach my kids–eldest of three (11) is playing her first REAL tourney on the 19th. At that time, I’m going to be thinking about whether or not to send her to a weekend academy (up to her, of course).

    Best to you all.


  12. nicole says:

    awww Robin and Magnus were a dream team! Obviously something was not working but what they did together was great! Maybe robin will work with Matts or Santoro? hmmm im looking forward to finding out who his new coach is! Keep up the good work for 2011 Robin :D

  13. Chad in Japan says:

    Was looking for some old Perry vids and found this:

    “Who wins in yesterday’s tennis…and still can today?”

    Maybe times have changed….but tennis will alawys be tennis despite the fitness, slower surfaces, equipment and…especially…expectations.

    Happy 2011!